A month in the Skye #1

24 October 2016
Oct 24th, 2016

If you’ve read my last posts, either here on my blog or on Facebook and Instagram you must know that I just arrived on the Isle of Skye with my dearest love, my fiancé François Amoretti , and this time we’re staying a full month! A month… I could cry for joy, and honestly, I think I still haven’t fully realized how lucky I am, all the more so because we are here for working. François has two projects of illustrated books on the theme of Scotland (one of which was written by our dear friend Vixy), as for me, I intend to finish writing my book and my collection of short stories. I’ll tell you more about it very soon, I promise!

Waking up at 2AM was hard, but we did it to take the plane to our favorite destination: Scotland. We had a connecting flight in Bruxelles (sorry Fred, my dear friend, I promise we’ll soon come and visit you in Belgium!) and arrived at Edimburgh at 11:30. We were so tired that we stayed at  Vixy’s all day, only going out to have lunch and dinner…

Next morning, we got our rental car. We already knew we wanted to pass through Glencoe, and we got there for lunch, so it was our first stop. This plain is still so majestic and full of magic! (Photos of François in his three-piece suit and me in my long velvet dress)

We then drove the wrong way (shame on us, and we’ve driven there so many times too…) and arrived at Mallaig – except that’s where we take the ferry, which was of course already full. We had to go back to Fort Williams, then take the road to Kyle of Lockalsh so we could cross the bridge to the Isle of Skye.

After shopping for food (we still have to eat!), we finally arrived at the house that is to be ours for a month. Standing near the Loch, it is really amazing. But we had some issues: the first night, the bed collapsed! But we could meet the owners and they fixed it.

This morning we went for a walk on the beach around the house. So beautiful! My two-piece was made by Vixy from Steward Christie. I bought this wonderful tweed on Harris and Lewis last year. I’ll tell you its whole story later, a bit like the storytelling about Lie Dil’s designer I just shared with you.

We were blessed with a stunning sunrise and a splendid starry sky. Tomorrow, we will try and take pictures of the stars. Our first try was already very positive!

Every Monday (and Tuesday at most for the English version), I will share our Scottish journey with you on my blog… See you soon!