#3 Nella by Exa: chocolat chaud

25 December 2016
Dec 25th, 2016

My dear readers, first of all, let me take few seconds to wish you a Merry Christmas! 

As I promised, a new set Nella by Exa! 

This series turned out to be unexpected! We first wanted to shoot outside in my hometown, Aix. For once, my hair cut was elaborated (I spent hours to disciplinate them that day) and well set. When we went outdoors, it started to pouring rain… In less than 2 minutes, my hair was too damaged! Grrrr! Jean-Daniel ran to my house to bring me back rain boots (so glamourous) to avoid damaging my fancy shoes of the day! We went to the tea room next to us to wait a better weather for our shooting. I used my scarf to make a turban and tried to hide all my wet hair! 

Soon enough, we got aware that the weather wouldn’t get better. Fortunately, we could shoot inside, thanks to Deux Garçons who allowed us to use the place! Thanks again.

I am wearing my tweed skirt from Lena Hoschek, 40s mohair top, an improvise “handmade” turban with my 50s scarf, a vintage 40s bag (and my rain boots, unseen on the pictures but… ;D)

Next Nella by Exa set… next year 😉