#2 Christmas Haul 2016

19 January 2017
Jan 19th, 2017

Dear readers!

Here is my second and last post about my Christmas Haul!  I was over-spoiled, far more than I should have (especially with the wedding on the way, we agreed to save up money). 

This present was the most surprising. Why? Because I noticed this amazing skirt on the December 19th;   I know because I naively shared it on Facebook (Yes I swear :3) ! I didn’t expect anything, even less to have it just few days later. But my fiancé jumped into the occasion and ordered it!

This is my second piece from Marilyn Feltz, Parisian designer whom I have stalked  followed for months. I have the pencil Mimosa skirt in bright yellow velours.  The shape of the skirt just fits my huge booty  hourglass figure so well. This is only the second brand in my life which fulfills my expectations, the first one being Lena Hoschek. And now the second one is Marilyn FeltzThe brand is 100% made in France, and a bit less expensive than Lena’s. The must is the shop in Paris, where I can go often! So practical!  

So, second item from the Parisian Brand is again a skirt, but a circle one. I just fell in love with the fabric. Pictures on the website (mine included) don’t pay tribute of the fabric’s magnificence. The fabric is just perfection! Ivory with golden and delicate embroideries. There are pink and green highlights as well. So lovely! I was surprised to see the shape of the lining (close to the body, you can’t wear a petticoat under the skirt). But as you can see on the picture, the shape of the skirt and the fabric made it unnecessary. You don’t need a petti at all!   And to be honest, having the lining close to the legs is perfect in winter. I was not cold at all! 

You’re going to read about this incredible designer for a long time. I am actually finishing my interview of her, from my last Parisian trip in October. And I won’t stop! Last big crush was for Lena Hoschek back in 2010. Now, I have 2 dresses, 2 cardigans, 6 blouses, 2 jackets 4 pencil skirts and 2 circle skirts… Me, a fashion addict ? No way…….. ;D)

I’ll let you imagine my wardrobe in 2018…