#1 Nella By Exa: Bouton D’Or

25 September 2016
Sep 25th, 2016

Dear readers

Something new that you’ll see from now on each month: a photo-set by  Exa Photographie (Thanks, Jean-Daniel !). This set will be then added to my portfolio.   you can also see the video we did that day on the youtube of Exa: HERE  You’ll have then a quick preview of which outfit is waiting to be seen next month on the blog… :3

I am wearing: a typical World War 2 dress, a bag from 1920, an old brooch (30/40s),  brand-new gloves from 1946 (the date was on the package! Never opened before me…) and my favourite golden summer shoes from Remix, a brand I can surely advised to buy: very comfy, well-made and hight quality. Plus, they do perfect repro!

This dress is just perfect for hot summer. The fabric, even if It is thick, is really pleasant to wear.  I love the pleated skirt (but quite a nightmare to iron O:)and the lace on the shoulders.

This is i the first time I do my hair this way: yay or no? And what did you prefer the most in my outfit?