#1 Christmas Haul 2016

16 January 2017
Jan 16th, 2017

 Good evening my dear readers !

I hope you had great times at the end of 2016 and that you had a lot of fun with your family and friends ! Have you got many presents ? I am so grateful because I wasn’t exepected so many gifts as lately we are having hard times (we’re struggling each ends of month, very sort of money… we’re not alone in that case, I know !)

So here I am, writing my first post about my Christmas Haul… Yeah, first one as I have another present which deserves a post alone. Let’s begin tonigth with my three first gifts.


  1. Cosmetics from Compagnie de Provenceshower gel made in France, authentic liquid Marseille soap ! The perfume is anise patchouli and smells so good.  I am fan !  I also had two balms with the same perfume : one to the body and one for the hands. The balms are perfect for winter : nourishing, soft and not too heavy, so no need to put too much cream to be well hydrated ! Anise Patchouli perfume is very subtil, not too strong. I like it a lot ! I can only advice those products. Good quality (they use biological olive oil). I saw they do also candle and I wish I am going to test them soon!
  1. Make up from Too Faced. Now I can tell you : I have the best fiancé in the whole world ! I told him few weeks before Christmas that this time, I hope not to miss the Christmas coffret. But when I was finally ready to buy it, it was already sold out everywhere… Now imagine my face when I found it under the tree… He offered me as well two liquid lipsticks from Melted collection, which was a perfect timing as I’ve just finished my two tubes (yes yes, totally finished !) The three palettes inside the coffret are well pigmented, lovely colours (the only inconvenient is that they crumble too easily but that’s really the only little problem I have with this coffret And the smelling are so great ! I have a nude pink and red Melted liquid lipsticks. I like the colour a lot but I was just hoping they last a bit more on my lips. But honestly, they’re great and I like the matte finish. I was afraid the nude couldn’t suit my complexion but I was wrong… it’s perfect !
  2. Another good idea from my fiancé… He definitely knows how to please me ! I have many obsessions. Harry Potter and fine art books are some of them. And he actually found the perfect combo : an handmade book, exact reproduction from the movie of this book « Beedle the bard »… in runes ! Find it on etsy of Alarmeighteenbut there is no pre-order right now. The book is amazing, fully translated into runes, the cover fabric is beautiful, with the golden drawing and tittle. Next time, I hope to have the Potion Maker book.


And you, what did you have for Christmas ?:3

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