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Arrival on Braemar, 2014

I am 29 years old and currently live in the south of France.

I also have several hobbies: I love fashion from all time periods; art; history; writing; movies; horror stories; and reading.
I have two step children, and unlike the traditional fairy tales with the uncaring stepmother, they completely fill me with joy.
After a difficult childhood I have learnt to make the most of my time and to take time to live. While this sometimes gives people the impression that I am a slow person, I do it to enjoy every second of my life and bring my family and I happiness.
I also find love and interest in the Celtic culture, specifically Scotland: I am enchanted by its landscapes, traditions and language- so I have made it a goal to learn the Gaelic language.


Christelle Gilles, Daniel Chavey, Manon Amiel, 2013


I have been modelling since 2007 and I have been able to progress thanks to various enriching collaborations. I particularly like glamour fashion, with a vintage touch, that I try to modernise according to my ethic and feminist beliefs.
I like to plan every project by collaborating ideas, sharing, and being creative. Sharing these with the actors, the photographer, the makeup artist, the hairdresser and the designer collaborates a profusion of ideas and leads to wonderful images that tell great stories.
Several collaborations have made me grow personally. The first of these was Nicolas Meunier, who taught me much.The second- Christophe Pujol, who’s got the award of the best hairdresser in the world and Clara Maeda- whose wonderful dresses never fail to make me dream. Alexandra Banti and Ultimate Psycho, with whom I did my first portfolio. I give my thanks to all these who supported me and helped me grow.


Exa Photography

I have been a blogger since 2005. I have started with different platforms such as Livejournal, Skyblog, and Blogspot. The real adventure, however, started in September 2013, which is how you know of my work today.
In my blogging I love to share my outfits, my findings, my crushes, and my beliefs: simple everyday life moments that matter to me and that I wish to share with you.
I would never have thought that my blog would have so much success, and I give all my thanks to my 150.000 viewers from 2015. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more.

I like to think that have the soul of a writer: I live and breathe writing! My Mum died as I was 8, and I felt that my only way out was with words. Reading and writing saved my life. Creating a better world with words for me was like a miracle drug against fear and sadness. My writing made me stronger.
My first short story was released in 2011 in Langfeust mag, and you can also find all my writings on Amazon HERE.
I’ll keep you updated on my upcoming paper releases!

As I mentioned earlier, I love fashion, and as a child I longed to be like Marie-Antoinette or Queen Victoria. It allowed me to accept my womanhood and my body, but also helped me to assert myself.
I have been reserved and isolated for a long time.
I love aesthetics in general, enjoying to be surrounded by beauty and to bathe in refinement: from silken dresses to the china teacups I use in everyday life, not to forget a nice bottle of whiskey with character! (My favourites are: Dalmore 18 and Talisker 10.)

After living through a few unpleasant jobs, I now wish to live by the motto ‘I want to do as I please!” which I hope will help me to continue to live on my optimistic path and help me to enjoy every day in my life.

Welcome to my brand-new website!
I will answer all your contact requests with great pleasure HERE.

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Laura Sauvage